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Item #1503147647
Seller FeedBack: [ Rating: 18 ] [ Number of Votes/Comments: 18 ]

Current Time: Thu Aug 17, 08:18 PM EST

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Current Bid: $1.99 (No Reserve) First bid: $1.99
Dutch Auction: no Quantity: 1
Time left: 1 Day 11 Hrs Number of bids: 0 (bid history)
Started: Sat Aug 05, 08:00 AM Sellers Location: Americus GA 31709
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This item is a hardcover book as described below.

  • Book Title: The Color Nature Library - Cats
  • Text by Peggy Wratten
  • Published By: Crescent Books
  • Original Publisher's Price: Not stated
  • Dust Jacket: Yes
  • This copy is marked: First published in Great Britain in 1977 by Colour Library International Limited
  • ISBN number: 0517250527

  • "Of all the many animals that people have taken into their homes over the years in order to provide them with companionship, the cat is probably the most fascinating. This is partly because, throughout man's long association with domestic animals, none has been more closely bound up with legend and superstition than the cat. There is another reason, however, that is concerned with the temperament and personality of the cat itself. To a cat owner there is rarely any doubt that, however docile and playful his pet might be, here is a wild creature with all its natural instincts intact, allowing itself to be domesticated. Indeed, it may well be said that a cat graces us with its presence; that it returns affection given, rather than bestowing it on all and sundry.

    It would be quite wrong to suppose, however, that a cat is totally independent and may be simply left to its own devices. Cats require care; the provision of a warm, comfortable place to sleep, good food and of course, affection.

    It will surely be obvious that all the cats appearing in this book are happy, well cared for animals photographed with great technical skill and an equal amount of understanding."

    A clean, gently read copy with only minor shelf wear to the book and dust jacket.

    The buyer pays $3.75 for Media Mail shipping and service.

    U.S. buyers only please.

    For fastest shipping the buyer can pay for the purchase with a Visa, Mastercard or major credit card by using PayPal. I am a Verified PayPal seller. Thanks!

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Item # - 1503147647

Buy It for $2.00
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